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Edition #26
5 September, 2012
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Lecture 0. Introduction to the section - popularly on meliorations

Lecture 1. Natural environment of Uzbekistan

Lecture 2. Water contained in plants

Lecture 3. Soil substrate is skeleton for soil - what it is itself

Lecture 4. Soil-meliorative zoning, what for is it and which abilities does it open?

Lecture 5. Where do plants obtain water?

Lecture 6. Total seasonal water requirement of plants and specifics of development oftheir different phases.

Lecture 7. How was designed the "pump" which pump water from soil to atmospheretrough plants?

Lecture 8. Deposits of moisture in soil and types of soil moistening.

Lecture 9. How water is getting into soil?

Lecture 10. How could be controlled soil moisture?

Lecture 11. Where do we need irrigation.

Lecture 12. Methods of irrigation starting from the depths of unrecorded time up to nowadays.

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In this number of site added articles which, was published before in Russian version of site and now translated in English:

MorozovA.N. The reasons for which the Aral sea problem has not yet been solved

Morozov A.N What should precede the diversion of the Siberian rivers runoffs to Central Asia?

Pavlov G.N. Suggestions on the compiling the section "scientific and technological progress"

Morozov A.N Zoning the irrigated lands of Uzbekistan according to sprinkling use.

To come soon:

Morozov A.N, Shirokova Y.I. Problems of irrigated farming at lower reach of Amu-Darya river and possible ways of solutions

Looking for sponsors! We are going to write and publish a popular scientific book. Abstract of the book.


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